Virtual Girl – fiction novel

Author: Amy Thomson
Year: 1993


Programmer Arnold Dexter breaks the law and creates a human-like android companion Maggie who seems perfect for him, but when they get separated, she become a sentient being.


Selected readers’ reviews

  • In the beginning, Arnold called forth Maggie from the artificial virtual reality. Her creator gave Maggie a body and a possibility to become self-aware being.
  • I read this book and I immediately like it very much. I think it is good to anyone who likes science fiction novels of any kind.
  • This book is terrific. It shows what it’s like to be sentient. The main character Virtual Girl flooded by information is learning how to survive in the real world. I would recommend this book to fans of characters like Robocop and also to fans of pursuit/suspense like
  • Koontz novels, and to readers interested in various artificial intelligence literature. When I feel down I usually pick up this paperback.
  • This is a nice light story of a girl robot describing how she moves toward self-awareness and human consciousness.
  • Surely this is an interesting fun read. The main character created by Amy Thomson definitely grows through-out the story plot from naive adult personality.
  • The story is fairly involving. It is mostly about humanity and compassion.
  • The creator of an android in a virtual girl body became less human than his creation Maggie.  The surrounding characters truly picture different cultures in different ways avoiding stereotyping. I would recommend this book to readers. However the influence of other science fiction works like Bicentennial Man is clear.
  • Android Maggie is a sentient being, a product of a computer virtual reality illegal in the future. After an unpredictable violent incident Maggie is forced to live her own life and to become a real person.

Virtual girl

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